Headshots for Teams

Studio headshots from the comfort of your office

  • Easy scheduling that removes the burden from you
    I’ll create a private, branded scheduling page for your team members to select the time slot that works for them. All you do is share the link with your team members, and I handle the scheduling from there.
  • Individual proofing galleries sent right to their device
    Your team members will get a link to their individual proofing gallery, where they can review and select their favorite(s). We can customize options for your team such as how many photos they can download or select for retouching, and whether the gallery links go to them or to a central organization contact person.
  • Opportunity to provide immediate feedback
    My photography sessions are tethered, which means your team members will be able to see their images right away on a computer screen. They’ll have the chance to give me feedback during their session and we can make any adjustments needed.
  • Options for missing team members
    I know it’s not always possible to have everyone there on the day team headshots are scheduled. I will work with your organization contact person on options for make-up sessions with missing team members.

Ultimately it’s my goal to deliver clean, consistent, high-quality headshots for your team while making the process smooth, efficient, and painless for you.

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